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Technology Partners
Plant Engineering and Equipment Design For High Production Mill

HEEP&P - Human Engineering, Environmental Products & Production

HEEP&P is our technology partner in the field of iron and steel making, high production rolling mill, downstream production and iron & steel waste recycling. HEEP&P provides us with technology, engineering, design and operation assistance.
PPRM has tied up with HEEP&P for the following services:
Design and supply of new mills and machines for:
  • Iron and steel making plants
  • Continuous casting plants
  • Continuous-endless-cast rolling mills
  • Conventional rolling mills
  • Downstream industry
  • Iron and steel waste recycling plants
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Rod Block Mill Engineering was specially created by Heep & P for PPRM

Revamping, rejuvenation and modernization of existing mills

including the tailor made new application of used or not used so called 2nd hand plants and machines including all engineering services.

Engineering Support
  • Support for detailed engineering.
  • Preparation of detailed engineering based on material and manufacturing facility localy available.
  • Selection of indigenously available hardware and BO-items.

  • Sourcing from local market including organizing vendor selection.
  • Technical support to vendor for manufacturing (methoding / processing).
  • Inspection and quality control of manufacturing and BO items.

Erection & commissioning
  • Organizing the complete activities with the help of vendors / sub-contractors for local authorities and overseas companies and technical experts.

  • At site, in other production units, proposal and design offices and institutes and via internet.

Start-Up And Production Assistance
  • Experienced operators of similar processes and plants working as experts and training of customer staff.

Marketing Assistance Of Final Products

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Rocker Arm of Wire Rod Block specially designed by Heep & P for PPRM

The HEEP&P team is comprised of highly experienced rolling mill experts, a brief description of the team member is given below:

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Mudersbach
Born July 12. 1943 in Dinslaken, Germany
Studied metallurgical sciences between 1965 and 1970 at Aachen Technical University, Germany
1969 - 1970 worked for about 10 months in the hot strip mill at Thyssen Stahl
1970 -78 started professional career in the R&D department for rolling mills at DEMAG.
1978-86 with SMS in the technical sales / proposal dept. for heavy section mills as deputy general manager.
1986-90 to KRUPP to push the product "Section Mills". Here I was the responsible general manager for sales / proposals and order execution for all rolling mills to produce long products.
1990-95 founded Danieli-Germany, where I had been managing director for 5 years.
1995 I got an order by Dr. Östmann and Mr. Borchert, the new owners and managing directors of SKET, to found a new division for section rolling mills in Oberhausen,
1996-97 technical director of SMS India, Kolkata,
1998 The company HEEP&P with partners in different countries was founded by international experts including a team in Germany.
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Wolfgang Mudersbach

Dipl.-Ing. Jozef Piasecki

Born April 08. 1948
1968-1974 Technical University Breslau, Wrozlaw, Poland - Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering
1974-1985 Design engineer, department manager in a machine tool maker-company (hydraulics and pneumatics), jig and fixture making, stamping technology.
1985-1988 Design and project manager for general machine building and rolling mill technology in an independent engineering company working for Mannesmann Demag
Strength analysis, cinematic and dynamic load calculations of machines and parts, acceleration and deceleration loads, calculation of drive systems, coordination and project management of large-scale projects.
1988-1989 Owner of an independent engineering office for design of general and special machines and rolling mills
1990-1995 Group leader proposal, design, order execution, erection and commissioning at Danieli-Germany in Essen.
1996-2001 General manager design and deputy technical director at SMS-India in Kolkata.

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Mr. Piasecki inspecting the wire rod block at PPRM facility before dispatch to customer

Roll Pass Design

We have a technology collaboration with Schweitzer Rolling Technology, Inc., USA for roll pass design and mill erection and commissioning.

SCHWEITZER ROLLING TECHNOLOGY offers the highest quality roll pass design to ferrous and non-ferrous hot rolling mills. Services include: roll pass design reviews; productivity studies and training for mill operations, roll designers, and mill set-up personnel, in both roll pass design theory and mill operation; and mill audits.

Well known and highly visible in the market, SCHWEITZER ROLLING TECHNOLOGY has a reputation for providing expert pass designs for the most difficult to produce sections. SRT's experience enables them to understand customer requirements and exceed their expectations in creating or improving their rolling process. Drawing on a network of engineers and designers from many disciplines, including mechanical engineering, metallurgy, gear drive design, and mill operations, SRT have the expertise you require to improve the performance and operation of your facility.

With over 30 years experience with hot rolling mills and OEMs of rolling mill equipment, SRT has the know-how to solve your problems and develop new products for you. We are excited to share our knowledge and skills by providing you with products and services that range from new roll pass designs to training.

Schweitzer Rolling Technology's Expertise Encompasses

  • Rounds and Rod
  • Rebar (including slitting)
  • Flats
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Beams
  • Rails ­Standard and Special
  • Universal rolling of structural, rail, and special sections
  • Other special sections such as: track shoes, sheet piles, rails, and other non-symmetrical special shapes

Schweitzer Rolling Technology's Design Expertise Extends To Almost All Hot Rolled Metals:

  • Carbon Steels
  • Alloy Steels
  • Super alloys
  • Copper
  • Aluminium

Technology Partners
Herbert Rothe Consulting

We have a technology collaboration with Herbert Rothe Consulting Engineers, Germany for designing and optimization of quenching systems for re-bar

Engineering Services

Herbert Rothe Consulting Engineers is a consulting company and offers numerous consulting and engineering services for the iron and steel-industry, wire rod mills and bar mills.

The production of wire rod and bars involves complex processes. Therefore, the rolling mill technology and know-how developed and perfected by them could be of high interest to you.

Benefit From HRC Experience

HRC's experience covers the complete range of innovation in rolling mills for long products - from the billet yard down to the specific requirements to the finish product in over 300 steel grades, such as normal steel, stainless steel or high speed steel grades.

They are also able to assist you during the planning phase of a new mill or a second hand mill and/or revamping existing mills. Necessary support is also for obtaining of second hand mills.

Services For Rolling Mills

For rolling mills Herbert Rothe Consulting Engineers offer special technical assistance for

  • Roll pass design (Using LINEBOW Software)
  • Slit rolling
  • Guiding
  • Roller guides
  • Roll Cooling
  • Interstand cooling
  • Inline heat treatment
  • Inline descaling
  • Primary cooling line
Herbert Rothe holds several US- and EP-patents. His US-patents are available online: US-Patent No. 4,629,165 - US-Patent No. 4,790,164

Thermo Quench

ThermoQuench® / TurboQuench Is The Ideal Solution For The Temperature Controlled Processing of Wire Rod and Bar Products

HRC's patented quenching nozzles have an extremely high heat transfer coefficient achieved by an engineered combination of laminar and turbulent flow within the nozzle.


  • Inter-stand cooling
  • Wire rod mill water boxes
  • Post-rolling quenching (for self tempered rebar)

Principle Of Operation

Calculated quantities of low pressure water impact the hot bar in the primary cooling chamber with a very high kinetic energy. This high kinetic energy disrupts the steam jacket formation and allows for fully wetted cooling to occur immediately, bypassing the inefficient film boiling present in other designs. Inside the nozzle, precisely positioned secondary cooling chambers reintroduce turbulence, which again prevents vapour blanket (steam) formation for continued intense cooling.

Turboquench TMT Process

The TurboQuench TMT process has been specially developed and designed for P.P.Rolling Mills Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Turboquench Advantages

  • Provides optimal physical properties to the bars and other products
  • Lower consumption of alloys (FeMn, Fe Nb, FeSi etc.)
  • One chemical analysis range only for all sizes of bars
  • Increased yield in continuous casting and steel melt shop
  • Increased productivity in the melt shop
  • More than 50% reduction in the billet inventory
  • Zero discard by quality control
  • Operationally safe and presenting no restriction of rolling mill productivity
  • Matches high strength with excellent ductility and ensures good weldability.

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